Here are pictures where all rangers from group are.

Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink Zeo Rangers with Gold Shield. Based on this picture.

Power Rangers Scan Force. From the left: Yellow Scanner Ranger, Blue Scanner Ranger, Red Scanner Ranger, Silver Photo Ranger, Green Scanner Ranger, Pink Scanner Ranger. Based on this picture. Here is their homepage -
Movie Task Force Scanranger.

Power Rangers Space Police. From the left: Yellow Police Ranger, Blue Police Ranger, Red Police Ranger, Green Police Ranger, Pink Police Ranger. Based on this picture. Basic picture made by Bob Cassella.

Mighty Thunder Power Rangers. Dino Thunder power up their morphers with Power coins of original Power Rangers. From the left: Yellow Morphin Ranger, Blue Morphin Ranger, White Morphin Ranger, Red Morphin Ranger, Black Morphin Ranger. Based on this picture.

Dream Rangers. Other color versions of Dream Ranger

Nightmare Rangers. Evil copies of Dream Rangers. Other color versions of Nightmare Ranger.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. From their second season with the power of thunderzords. From the left: Yellow Griffin Ranger, Blue Unicorn Ranger, Red Dragon Ranger, Green Tiger Ranger, Black Lion Ranger, Pink Firebird Ranger.

Power Rangers Prehistoric Age. From the left: Yellow Triassic Ranger, Blue Triassic Ranger, Red Triassic Ranger and Black Triassic Ranger.

Power Rangers Platinum Force: The power of platinum is hide within them. Yellow Platinum Ranger, Blue Platinum Ranger, Red Platinum Ranger, Green Platinum Ranger, Pink Platinum Ranger.

Power of the Earth, power of space, Unite ! Power Rangers Eelement Unit...
Yellow Spirit Ranger, Green Nature Ranger, Black Universe Ranger, Red Lawa Ranger, Blue Aqua Ranger.

Green Dragon Ranger and Red Dragon Ranger must save their kingdom from Dragon lord.

Along with new two-colored ranger come new team of Power rangers called  Dino Danger: Yellow Dino Ranger, Blue Dino Ranger, Red Dino Ranger, Gold Tiger Ranger, Green Dino Ranger, Pink Dino Ranger.

These Power Rangers are called Lunar Danger.From the left: Pink Lunar Ranger, Green Lunar Ranger, Red Lunar ranger, Prometheum Ranger, Blue Lunar Ranger and Yellow Lunar Ranger.


Miguel wanted us to do a six ranger team called Power Rangers Geo Force. So here it is: Yellow Lightning Ranger, Blue Water Ranger, Red Fire Ranger, White Ice Ranger, Black Earth Ranger and Pink Wind Ranger.

Here's picture called Power Rangers Thunder Ninjas: Yellow Thunder Ninja Ranger, Red Thunder Ninja Ranger, Smaragd Thunder Ninja Ranger, Blue Thunder Ninja Ranger.


Power Rangers Thunder Storm: Yellow Thunder Ranger, Blue Thunder Ranger, Red Thunder Ranger, Green Thunder Ranger, Pink Thunder Ranger. The special ranger is female for the first time ever. She is called Silver Lightning Ranger.

I add metal shine and Power Rangers Metal Squadron are born. Five original rangers: Yellow Metal Ranger, Black Metal Ranger, Red Metal Ranger, Green Metal Ranger, Pink Metal Ranger.The special ranger is called Diamond Ranger. Check out the original version called Power Rangers Gold Star. From the left: White Star Ranger, Yellow Star Ranger, Black Star Ranger, Silver Polar Ranger, Red Star Ranger, Blue Star Ranger, Pink Star Ranger, Green Star Ranger.