Battle of the Nations Sweden Ranger

The new Tor Ranger to control the Tor in Gosei Sentai Dairanger

Kakufalcon. The Kakuranger (Alien Ranger) that steers the Falcon.

Titanus Ranger (shield is the Titanus chest plate)

Made Magna Defender a Ranger

New S.P.D. Omega Ranger, New S.P.D. White Ranger based on Omega Ranger, New S.P.D. Black Ranger (recolored Green because I think all teams should be built up by Red, Black, Blue, Yellow and Pink).

Power Rangers Ninja Storm new Rangers as Casted for a RPG on Rangertalk.com

Power Rangers Battle of the Nations 3

Power Rangers Battle of the Nations 2

Power Rangers Battle of the Nations 1

Javarond Ranger

Power Rangers Last Lap. From the left: Red Aston Martin DB9 Ranger, Green Dodge Changer R/T Ranger, Blue Hummer H2 Ranger, Yellow Subaru Impresa WRX Ranger and Pink Nissan Skyline RGT Ranger.