Top row: Knight Patrol Dragon (1st step of Battlizer), holding Dragon Blade, Battlized Space Patrol Dragon Ranger holding Dragon Spear.
2nd row: Space Patrol Alternates. Jason from alternate Universes where Tommy gives him a different former Power Source. Space Patrol Tiger, holding Saba, Space Patrol Zeo, holding Zeo V Power Sword, Space Patrol Brachio, holding Brachio Staff.

Venom Ranger, and evil Maji/Mystic Force Ranger. His henshin call is "Veeno Veno Veniro" and his morph call is "Galwit Veno Ranger." His VenoStick/Staff has 3 modes. Venom Ranger, Venom Ranger holding VenoStick/Staff, holding VenoSaber,
holding VenoTrident, holding VenoPickax/Minibow.

The A-Squad in 2040 in my fanfic "S.P.D.: Space Patrol Dragon" on RangerBoard. From the left: Darrell, A-Squad Red, Rahul, A-Squad Blue, Johnny, A-Squad Green, Ginger, A-Squad Yellow, Vicky, A-Squad Pink, and Sam, A-Squad Omega.

Jason Oliver. Space Patrol Dragon Ranger. From the left: in training outfit, casual, in S.P.D. uniform, helmetless, Morphed, holding Dragon Dagger, holding Dragon Saber (powered-up Dragon Dagger).

Power Rangers Space Patrol Gamma. From the left: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink and Black Rangers.

Falcon Battlizer of Red Zeo Ninjetti Ranger

Zeo Ninjetti Rangers. From the left: Red Zeo Ninjetti Ranger: Tommy, the Falcon; Green Zeo Ninjetti Ranger: Adam, the Frog; Blue Zeo Ninjetti Ranger: Rocky, the Ape; Yellow Zeo Ninjetti Ranger: Tanya, the Gazelle; Pink Zeo Ninjetti Ranger: Kat, the Butterfly; Gold Zeo Ninjetti Ranger: Jason, the Cougar. The bottom row is their Ninjetti forms.

Gold Psycho Ranger

Joe (Tommy's biggest fan), Super Armor Ranger, Shadow Ranger in movie form

Government Rangers. from the left: Red Government Ranger, Blue Government Ranger, Green Government Ranger, Yellow Government Ranger, Pink Government Ranger, Navy Government Ranger.

Power Rangers Time Rescue. From the left: Red Time Rescue Ranger, Blue Time Rescue Ranger, Green Time Rescue Ranger, Yellow Time Rescue Ranger, Pink Time Rescue Ranger, Quantum Time Rescue Ranger.

From the left: Red Tyranno Mighty Morphin Dino Thunder Ranger, Green Dragon Mighty Morphin Dino Thunder Ranger, Black Mammoth Mighty Morphin Dino Thunder Ranger, Blue Tricera Mighty Morphin Dino Thunder Ranger, Pink Ptera  Mighty Morphin Dino Thunder Ranger.

From the left: Red Goverment Ranger, Gold Phantom Ranger, Green Space Patrol Gamma Ranger, Super White Ninja Ranger, White Samurai Ranger, Quantum Time Rescue Ranger, Magi Black aka Magi Sith, Darth Mikoto.