(remodeled suits)

Yellow Dino Ranger (Kira Ford), White Dino Ranger (Tommy Oliver)

Red Space Ranger

Power Rangers Zeo. Rangers appear and pass on their Powers to the Power Rangers Neo Zeo. From the left: Zeo Rangers V – Red (Tommy Oliver/Jeff Hayden), Zeo Rangers IV – Blue (Rocky DeSantos/Shawn Harris), Zeo Rangers III – Green (Adam Park/Vincent Cartwright), Zeo Rangers II – Yellow (Tanya Sloan/Laura Watts), Zeo Rangers I – Pink (Katherine Hillard/June Summer).

Power Rangers Neo Zeo: the target. Neo Zeo’s sequel. Armored versions of the Zeo Suits. plus, Pink became White. From the left: Green Powered (Samuel Divens), Red Powered (Johnathan Graves), Blue Powered (Matt Stevens), White Powered (Sara Valentine), Yellow Powered (Kelly Logan).

Power Rangers Neo Zeo. From My FanFic of the same name. They're based off Zeo Ranger III - Green, and as such the Green Neo Zeo Ranger has the regular Zeo Suit. The Rest have a Zeo III - Style Visor, and Green where it should be Gold. From the left: Neo Zeo II – Blue (Shawn Harris), NeoZeo III – Green (Vincent Cartwright), NeoZeo I – Red (Jeff Hayden), NeoZeo V – Pink (June Summers), NeoZeo IV – Yellow (Laura Watts).

Prelude. FanFic which teamed up all the 6th Rangers (Minus Trey and Mike, whom I was too lazy to make right now) From the left: Green Ranger (Tommy Oliver), Phantom Ranger (Aaron Sparks), Silver Ranger (Zhane of Karova), Titanium Ranger (Ryan Mitchell),  Quantum Ranger (Eric Myers), Lunar Wolf Ranger (Merrick Baliton), Samurai Ranger (Cam Watanabe).

Legacy. From the left: Black Dino Ranger (Jason Lee Scott), Red Dino Ranger (Conner McKnight), Blue Dino Ranger (Ethan James), White Ranger (Kira Ford).

Mastodont Rangers. Adam Park as Black Mastodont Ranger and Blue Mastodont Ranger. He's featured here alongside an unused suit idea, which had him recharging his morpher with Billy's Coin. Notice Blue Mastodont Ranger has 2 coins in his morpher.