The new metallic armor. Based on this picture.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the dino movie version

Alpha Ranger form

Fightning Spirit ghosts

Jason's morph

Billy with the power of Tommy

Magi Ranger of Ice (Tom Ceuppens)

Mighty Morphin God Rangers

Alpha 1. The first Alpha that Zordon built.

Evil Zeo Rangers and Evil Zeo Ninjas

Power Rangers Air Force

Forever red Mighty morphin form. Jack's right eye, Connor's left eye, Rocky' left part of mouth, Leo's right part of mouth.

Forever Red Ranger. Red S.P.D. Ranger's head, Red Power Ranger's legs, Red Dino Ranger's morpher, Red Galaxy Ranger's body.

Power Rangers Cyborg Protectors unmorphed

Power Rangers Cyborg Protectors helmetless

Power Rangers Deka Mario

Power Rangers Link Defenders

Power Rangers Cyborg Protectors. From the left: Red Cyborg Ranger, Blue Cyborg Ranger, Green Cyborg Ranger, Yellow Cyborg Ranger, Pink Cyborg Ranger, White Cyborg Ranger

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers demorphing. Based on this picture.

Good Zedd Rangers. When they were bad, Power Rangers defeated them. But the Red Ranger found the silver power coin. So they turn good (they lose their bad because the coin took it).

Blue Zeo Ranger 5

Dark Ninjetti Power Rangers

Ultra Ninja Ranger. Tommy with powers of all Ninja Rangers.

Mighty Morphin Dino Thunder Night Form. From the left: Dino Thunder Yellow, Dino Thunder Blue, Dino Thunder White, Dino Thunder Red and Dino Thunder Black.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers