Random Ranger I made and evil clone

Evil Sacred Stone Rangers

More Rangers of the Sacred Stone

Rangers of the Sacred Stone

Lord Vectaur, a Telecron (grunts), Vexion and his own version of a Telecron, and Comamder Telo creator of the Telecrons.

Stipes a killer tiger which Dj took and made it his personal sidekick to combat Ryan's friend Hunter.

Dj The Crimson Cyber Eagle Ranger (enemy of Ryan and Hunter)

Ryan the Green Cyber Wolf Ranger

Hunter the Green Cyber Dog Ranger

Evil Zino Warriors

Orange Dino Ranger

Updated Mighty Morphin Power Rangers suits

Power Rangers Zino Warriors. The combined powers of the Zeo Crystals and Dino Gems.

Rajasaurus Gold Power Ranger, Johnny Flame

Alpha 5. Based on this picture.

Goldar and Zedd. Based on this picture.

Zeltrax (based on this picture), Crimson Zeltrax (based on this picture), Olympius (based on this picture), King Sphinx (based on this picture).

Goldar with and without wings. Based on this picture.

Lord Zedd. Based on this picture.

Pense Guardian of Rhylin, and Rhylin with out hood and mask covering favce

General Hudec, right hand man to lord Dynamo enemy of the Magna Dynasty Rangers.

Power Rangers Pure Force unmorphed. From the left: Michael Tomasik, Ryan Mitchell, Robert Bouche'.

Power Rangers Pure Force in Battle armor. From the left: Battle Mode Crimson, Battle Mode Green, Battle Mode Navy.

Power Rangers Pure Force. From the left: Crimson Pure Skill Ranger, Green Pure Hype Ranger, Navy Pure Heart Ranger.

Queen of Evil Dementia, right hand man Zentrum and one of her grunts a Dementoid, enemies of Power rangers lighting spirits.

Power Rangers Lighting Spirits. From the left: Green Wolf Lighting Ranger, Blue Lion Lighting Ranger, Red Rhino Lighting Ranger, Pink Armadillio Lighting Ranger, Black Eagle Lighting Ranger, Yellow Cheetah Lighting Ranger.

Visono and his DroneTroopers, possibly Pure Hypes enemies or maybe a new enemey for the Magna Dynasty Rangers.

Skug. A grunt from VR Troopers.

VR Troopers. From the left: Ryan Steele, J. B. Reese, Kaitlin Star.

Couple of Boston Celtics players. Antonie Walker and Paul Peirce in home and away jerseys.

Drago Rangers. Made of cloned dragonzord coins. Leader is Tommy. He powered up the cloned coins and made much more powerful morphers. From the left: Green Drago, Pink Drago, Blue Drago, Orange Drago, Red Drago

Magna Dynasty unmorphed. From the left: Pacer (Olive), Kasey (Blue), Ryan (Green), Trytan (Red), Mandy (Pink).

Grunts from some of the Power Rangers seasons. From the left: Batling, Cog, Putrid, Cyclobot, Kelzack, Krybot, Piranhatron, Quantron.

Lord Dynamo and one of his grunts a Dyna-Drone. One of the enemies of the Magna Dynasty Rangers.

Magna Dynasty Rangers. From the left: Olive, Blue, Red, Green, Pink and Orange.