The Knight Rangers. From the left: Blue Eagle, Yellow Butterfly, Red Bull, White Dolphin, and Green Dragon.

Power Rangers Sahara Squadron

Power Rangers S.P.D. - Katherine "Kat" Manx (technology inventor and investigator of SPD).

DekaBright Remade

The S.P.D. Rangers Visorless. Based off of Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink's morphing sequences.

MagiRanger Magin - the mecha of Magiranger. The rangers press buttons on their cell phone and then grow / change into their humanoid / magin. This is MagiPhoenix - Red's Magin.

Dino Thunder Triassic Ranger transferred over to the Blue Ranger in movie form

Suits made by request on RangerBoard. From the left: Red Leopard, Green Cobra, Pink Butterfly, Black Bat, Yellow Rhino, Purple Pegasus.

Suits made by request on RangerBoard

Doggy Cruger. The mentor of Power Rangers S.P.D. and Shadow Ranger

Power Rangers: The Real Story. Based on this picture.

S.P.D. / Dekaranger Remakes. It is supposed to be leather-like suits, similar to those of the X-Men Movies, instead of spandex.

Psycho Animal Force. From the left: Yellow Bull, Blue Shark, Red Eagle, Green Tiger, Black Wolf, Pink Lion.

The suits for my fanfic. Power Rangers Magic Force. From the left: Purple Unicorn, Red Phoenix, Green Rhino, Yellow Wolf, Blue Bear, and Shadow Sphinx. The fanfic can be found here

Dekagold in movie form.

I originally made the entire basis for these A-Squad rangers, but SPDSlipstreamranger added most of the details to the suits. But I probably did the majority of the work. So here are the five SPD A-Squad rangers plus the Shadow, Swan, Omega, Bright, and Gold A-Squad rangers.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. From the left: Purple Dragonfly, White Brontosaurus, Silver Velociraptor, Orange Stegasaur, Gold Carnosaurus, and Chrome Sphinx.

Fire Ninja Ranger, Dekaqueen, Blue S.P.D. Ranger in S.W.A.T. mode

MagiBerus - the seventh MagiRanger will be the Cerberus ranger and would be a Black Ranger (it is still a rumor), Ulzard / MagiKishi Death Angel powerup (Combo of Wild Force powerup and Ulzard MagiRanger). Purple version of MagiAngel, White version of MagiAngel.

Power Rangers Magi Rescue. From the left: Red Phoenix Ranger, Green Taurus Ranger, Yellow Thunderbird Ranger, Pink Butterfly Ranger, Blue DolphinRanger, White Snow ranger.

Evil S.P.D. Rangers

Blue Ulzard

Yellow Primal Ranger, Yellow Magi Delta Ranger

White Drago Ranger in red modes

Power Rangers Lightspeed rescue

Power Rangers Dai Delta Turbo

Evil Alien Ranger