New Zeo Rangers

Power Rangers Egypt. From the left: Red Ranger - Tina, Blue Ranger - Jake, Green Ranger - Rath, Purple Ranger - Arron and Gold Ranger - Presley. Based on the 'Mummie Alive' TV series and this picture.

Power Rangers Astro Squad. Half In Space, half Lost Galaxy. From the left: Astro Squad Red - Stamos, Astro Squad Black and apprentice of Tommy Oliver - David, Astro Squad Blue - Carmeron (who feature in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode - 'Birds of a Feather'), Astro Squad Yellow - Karren, Astro Squad Pink - Emily (ally from Power Rangers Zeo) and Astro Squad Silver - Blane (from KO-35).

Nick Russel - Red Mystic Ranger. Based on this picture.

Sam uniformed. Based on this picture.

Sam in training outift

New Dragon Rangers

Blue Senturion in S.P.D. uniform

Boom as A-squad commander

Eric. Based on this picture.

S.P.D. D-squad. The team trained by the B-squad

Power Rangers Thunder Storm. From the left: Red Ranger - Shane, Blue Ranger - Ethan, Black Ranger - Tommy, Yellow Ranger - Dustin, Triassic Ranger - Hunter & White Ranger - Trent. Withe Pwer of Red Tyrannohawk, Blue Triphin, Black Brachio Star, Yellow Liondactol, Triassic Insectidon & White Dragobug.

Power Rangers Atom Action. From the left: Blue Ranger - Hawk, Green Ranger - Lioness, Black Ranger - Axel, White Ranger - King and Yellow Ranger - Shark. These Power Rangers are based on the new Jetix And Toonattik show "A.T.O.M."

Action Space Rangers. From the left: Gold Ranger - Leo, Green Ranger - Mike, Purple Ranger - Karone, Mega Black Ranger - Carlos, Navy Ranger - TJ & Titanium Ranger - Zhane.

David Cuthbert as the new Gold Zeo Ranger.

New Zeo Rangers. From the left: Leo, Conner, Merrick, Tori and Kimberly.

Power Rangers Unleashed. From the left: Yellow Hare, Pink Bunny, Orange Duck, Purple Tasmanian Devil, Green Coyote, Crimson Road Runner.

These are the new Dino Rangers. From the left: Triassic Blue - Rocky DeSantos, Tyranno Green - Tommy Oliver, Drago White (II) - Alyssa Enrile, CephalaYellow - Jen Scotts, Ptera Pink - Karone & Tricera Orange - Michael Boom.

Ultra Green ranger. He's got a mixture of Tommy's powers. Green Ranger's Dragon shield, helmet and armbands. White ranger's belt and gloves. Zeo boots. Turbo legs. Black ranger Dimond pattern on legs.

Bat ranger. The 7th member of Ninja Storm and Shane's new powers.