Night Ranger. His real name is Prince Zethos of Eltar. I am trying to make up a fanfic for him, and it will be posted most likely on Rangerboard. I do have a very interesting backstory though. He comes from the royal family on Eltar, in fact he is a relative (Nephew) to Zordon. He has had a tragic life while growing up, which will be later revealed, but a message from Zordon (when younger) gives him courage (and a sword similar to the Magna Defender's) to escape his tragedy and become a legendary superhero ranger.

The story will be MORE darker than the original Power Rangers, in fact, if it were on TV here in the states, it would be rated "TVPG" while PR is rated "TVY7."

The TV ratings scale goes...
TV-G (good for all audiences)
TV-Y (good for all youths)
TV-Y7 (youths over age 7)
TV-14 (ages 14+)
TV-PG (parental guidance)
TV-M (mature)

So, to recap...
Ranger Designation: "NightRanger"
Character alter-ego: "Prince Zethos of Eltar" or "Zethos"
Morphing Call: "Power Of The Night!"

I created this by using parts of "DekaMaster/Shadow Ranger" and "BullBlack/Magna Defender" and recolored some areas.