DekaMauve. When the Doomsday Ambassadors invaded DekaSeaBase in an attempt to kill the team, Vee transformed into DekaMauve for the first time. Armed with the D-Nighter and Ring Grenades. DekaMauve/Vee.

DekaSheriff. Back when Superintendent Row was just a cadet, he was lost in the desert on the planet Gunsmoke. Another cadet named Vicious McDuff rescued him. Years later, Vicious is a solo field agent, armed with the D-Hustler. DekaSheriff/Vicious.

Unmasked Special Police DekaRescue. From the left: DekaFighter/Jay, DekaFencer/Chris, DekaChaser/Rob, DekaHealer/Lore.

While his true preference is to remain around computers, DekaRescue's strategist Robin 'Brains' Shiratori has been forced on occassion to use his own unique SP-License to transform into an active operative. Armed with the D-Pointer and co-pilot of DekaSeaRobo, DekaBrains only appeared about three times. DekaBrains/Brains.

Special Police DekaRescue. When England becomes under attack from Alienizers, former DekaRed Gyoc Row is given permission by Supreme Director Numa-O to re-establish DekaRescue, which had previously been disbanded. Armed with SP-Licenses and Rescue-Class DekaMachines, they are the UK's very own SPD. DekaFighter/Jay, DekaFencer/Chris, DekaChaser/Rob, DekaHealer/Lore. DekaRescue Official Website

DekaKing. After going into hiding several months ago, the terrorist and kidnapper Terry X resurfaced and the DekaRescue operatives were no match for him. Not wanting to put his charges at risk, Superintendent Gyoc Row took it upon himself to once more step into the line of fire as a powerful 5th hero, armed with the D-Maiden and DekaSeaRobo. DekaKing/The Chief.

DekaSeeker & DekaForcer. Former members of the original DekaRescue, Scotty and Ser did in fact survive the destruction of DekaSeaBase 1. After going through training to become Tokukyou (SPD Special Division), the duo returned too aid their successors in the fight to save England, armed with BrayThrottle V2s and specialised transforming DekaMachines. DekaSeeker/Scotty, DekaForcer/Ser.