Evil Jetman Rangers (Ice Osprey - Female; Forest Hawk - Female; Fire Phoenix - female; Tornado Owl - Male; Shadow Eagle - Male).

suits for StarBlazer on PRE (Red Gryffon, Blue Dolphin, Yellow Thunderbird, Green Dragon, Pink Serpent).

Sascha Amend's suits - my version (tweaked some of her suits, she gets all the credit for the originality).

Girl in lab coat

Beaver Mighty Morphin Ninja Ranger

Power Rangers Wild Force

Uniforms for Lightspeed Rescue Rangers of the future

Space Rangers uniforms

New MMNR Rangers

Vida with wings

Horned Viper Power Rangers (based off of a suit i saw on PRE)

New Ninja Templates (based off of a suit i saw on PRE)

New PR Templates

Space Rangers - Alternate Pose

Zeo Rangers - Alternate Pose

Orange Gryffon MF Ranger, Navy Pegasus MF Ranger, and their Staffs and tridents (they're twins, so orange has the power of the sun - hence the Solar Staff/Trident - and navy has the power of the moon - hence the Lunar Staff/Trident).

Pink and Yellow Boukenger Power-ups

Purple Gryffon MF Ranger, Purple MF Ranger w/wings, Gryphon Staff, Gryphon Staff Longbow Mode, Longbow w/string pulled back, and what the energy arrow in solid form looks like.

S.P.D. Nebula Squadron

S.P.D. Nebula Blue and Red with Wings

S.P.D. Nebula Rangers in uniform

TF Gone Wild

TF Rangers

Tundra MF Ranger

Zhane with Gold Zeo Armor

Zodiac Storm Rangers - Red Gemini (Robot), Blue Leo, (Lion), Yellow Aries (Ram), White Sagittarius (Centaur), Silver Pisces (Shark), Black Capricorn (Mermaid).

MF Rangers (Nick, Chip, Xander, Madison, Vida, Clare - as MF Ranger, with power of Pegasus and control over the element of Wind, Udonna, Lunar Knight - controls moonlight, Daggeron - Solaris Knight).

Necrolai as a MF Ranger

Mystic Legend Rangers (redid Sascha Amend's Rangers)

Modern and Old Angels

MF Laser Blade

MF BLue and Pink Power-ups

Udonna in Legend armor

Magi Weapons from the show

LR Rangers

My version of what an Americanized Sentai version of Boukenger Rangers in jackets could look like

Lightspeed Rescue - When Evil strikes back


Gatekeeper Ranger

Drive Force Rangers

Dragon MF Ranger

Another pic for DaisukeMousy18 on PRE

Dino Rangers

Pic for DaisukeMousy18 on PRE

Chip with new wings

Caribbean Pirate Rangers powered up

Caribbean Pirate Rangers in uniform

Caribbean Pirate Rangers

Blood Ninja Angel, Moon Ninja Angel

My version of a suit made by TBF on RB

New WF unmorphed

Alternate Maskman


Horned Owl and Screech Owl Jetman Rangers

Magi Weapons

Black Mystic Ranger Titan form without wings

Black Mystic Ranger Titan form

Black Mystic Ranger in Legend Armor and with wings

Black Mystic Ranger with Mystic Staff and Mystic Trident

BF Royal. Blue and Black Power-ups.

Beast Fury Rangers. From the left: Red Owl, Blue Killer Whale, Yellow Fox, Green Lynx, Black Coyote.

Avian Thunder Rangers. From the left: Red Dragon, Blue Gryffon, Yellow Hyppogryph, Green Pegasus, Pink Phoenix, Black Garuda .

Avian Destiny Rangers. From the left: Red Hawk, Yellow Bat, Green Osprey, Blue Falcon, White Peacock, Black Owl.

Angel templates

Savage Dino (originals were done by OmegaBreak on PRE. the originals can be found under the thread DinoFury Bios by Illy).

MagiLegend Mother w/cloak

Jetman - My Version

Futuristic S.P.D. S.W.A.T. Armor

Beast-Man Rangers

New Magi Weapons - Minotaur Axe, Phoenix Sword, Mermaid Staff, Garuda Crosbow, Sprite Bow, Magi Blade (the MagiStaffs and Magi Blade were originally done by TBF on RB).

Wanon Rangers, my style

Blasters - the second weapons - were pieced together from ones i saw on RB and on here

Supreme Commander Fowler Birdie

Futuristic S.P.D. Rangers (Red - Sky Tate Jr.; Blue - Carter Carson; Green - matthias Cruger; Yellow - Donovan Carson; Pink - Allia Drew; Alpha - Kit Manx)

Me as Supreme Commander

MagiMother in MagiLegend Armor

Madison's and Vida's new armored forms

Tommy as S.P.D. teacher

S.P.D. A-squad. From the left: Sky, Bridge, Nova, Syd, Z, Sam and Kat

Team for a person on PRE

Mystic Ninjas

Vampire Bat Rangers

S.P.D. Titanium, S.P.D. Black, and S.P.D. Bronze in uniforms

Pink and Red Dairangers with wings from their respective Zords

Black Cobra Liveman Ranger - female

Aerial Storm Rangers

Request from ZeoFury on RB

S.P.D. WildCat Rangers

S.P.D. Titanium, S.P.D. Black, S.P.D. Bronze

Evil Mystic Force Rangers - Legend Mode

Mystic Force Rangers - Legend Mode

Request for someone on PRE

Request for someone on RB (Acatl did the wings, I just used them, but thought I'd give him props for his great work).

Hurricane Ninjas in uniform - Diego Clarke, Falcon; Michael Brooks, Lion; Diana Bradley, Dolphin; Antoine Hanson, Phoenix; Tomas Bradley, Dragon; Victoria Watanabe, Samurai Jet (I got these diff NS ninja uniforms off PRE. Acatl created them, and I revamped 'em. just thought i'd give him credit)

Hurricane Ninja Rangers

A ranger suit and uniform for Devious One on RB

White S.P.D. Ranger

Selena Oliver in regular clothes, new practice clothes, and her new Ranger uniform

Selena Oliver (My character) with cat-like ears and with claws out

Jade and my character (in my fic) in S.P.D. practice clothes and uniforms

Soul Wild Force  Ranger morphed with Org features

Jade (a character in a fic of mine) as Shadow S.P.D. Ranger

Suit for someone on PRE

My version of Lynx Ranger

A team of suits for Silver Ranger on RB

Another team of suits for Constantine Ash on RB

A team of suits for Constantine Ash on RB

A-squad my style

Dairanger my style

Boukenger my style

Redone positions for a guy from RB, for his Ranger

Kat Ranger

What if Magiranger switched their colors

Magiranger in Majin forms in alternate pose (and resized)

MF Rangers in alternate pose

WF Rangers in Ninja forms

Weapons I did for a friend of mine on AIM. (Aquatic Sword, Aquatic Axe, Aquatic Bow, Aquatic Mace, Aquatic Staff).

NS Rangers in ninja forms with hoods

If Eric Meyers had a daughter as a leader of Silver Guardians

Delta Patroller

Combo of TF, DT, Dekafire, and Shadow

Combo of Quantum, Omega and Nova Rangers

NS Thunder Rangers and Samurai Ranger

NS Rangers in Ninja forms

Wild Force unmorphed

Yellow LG Ranger with armor

New Yellow LG Ranger


Zen-Aku as human

Princess Liara. An Org from my current WF fic

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers uniforms

Green and Purple Space Rangers

Evil LG Rangers (Shadow Wolf and Midnight Tiger)

Caribbean Jungle Weapons. (CJ Saber, CJ Sword, CJ Blaster, CJ Axe, CJ Laser, CJ Staff). Together they form the CJ Cannon.

The original Caribbean Jungle Warriors

Caribbean Jungle Rangers

Team for a friend on AIM

Zeo uniforms

S.P.D. Ranger (based off one from RB by SpacePatrolDragon)

DT uniforms

Soul Bird Ranger. From the left: Ashana in civilian clothing and WF vest, helmetless, visorless, fully morphed, and with claws on gloves and boots. Also her weapons, the Soul swords.

Tommy with Dragon Dagger, Tommy with Saba

Wind Ninjas in Ninjetti form

Power Rangers Turbo Police Delta

S.P.D. in Ninja Form


Morgana as good S.P.D. Ranger

Evil Wind Ninjas in Ninjetti form

Omega with Arctic Tundra Armor

Artic Tundra Battle Suit

Z, Syd, and Kat under Morgana's Spell

Power Rangers Ninjetti Patrol Delta

Green Power Ranger in alternate pose

Space uniforms - alternate pose

Morgana with changed and armored Omega suit

Team for AJ Oliver on RB

Cyborg Armor template

Another request from someone on RB

S.W.A.T. S.P.D. uniforms

Another request for TokuKat on PRE

Armor for ZeroFury on RB

New SDM's for Conner, Kira, Ethan, Tommy, and Conner-Triassic.

Kat visorless, visorless and w/out mouthguard, and w/armor like Morgana's.

pic for ZeoFury

Another pic for TokuKat of PRE

pic for TokuKat of PRE

Evil Kat Rangers clones

Battle suit for Omega

New Dekabright, Dekagold, Dekafire

New Power Rangers S.P.D.

Extra DT helmets

Evil Power Rangers Ninja Storm and Lightspeed Rescue

Diff Battlizer Template

Animarium Armor template

New Ninja template

New NS

New LR

New LG

New DT

Picture for Abarekiller

Zeo visorless

Turbo visorless

New suit templates

New Red MMPR, Zeo and Space

Morgana battle suit

MMPR visorless

DT visorless

A-Squad with B-Squad helmets

Visorless Dino Thunder

Visorless B-Squad

Visorless Wild Force

Visorless Time Force


The new Dino Thunder Rangers. From the left: Christina Rozokov - Triassic Ranger, Matthias Jameson - White Ranger, Nathaniel Stryker - Black Ranger, Anna-Beth Shuler - Yellow Ranger, Dante Watson - Blue Ranger, Pascha Korantu - Red Ranger.

Tsunami Ranger

Other Wild Force Zords. From the left: Red Falcon, Green Gorilla, White and Black Bears, Orange Giraffe, Silver Armadillo, Blue Rhino, Green Deer, Blue Elephant, Green Alligator, Purple Hammerhead Shark.

Mighty Morphin Dragon Rangers

Americana Rangers. From the left: Red Eagle, White Wolf, Blue Buffalo.

Power Rangers Samurai Frenzy

Dragon Ninja Ranger

Animus Ranger with Animarium Armor

Power Rangers Quantum Space Guard

Animorph Rangers

RedRanger2003's female Rangers with skirts

Tommy with dino armor



New Quantum Ranger

Power Rangers Time Dino Delta

Kat as Omega

Higher Being

DT Ranger

Green Ranger with White Ranger shield and armbands. Green star in shield.

White Thunder Eagle Ranger

A team for SpeciumRanger on RB

What happens when Omega and Quantum switch colors - Their evil counterparts.

Alternate Omega Rangers

Another pic for Crimson Inferno on RB

MagiFather and MagiMother (my own little reniditions/recolorings)

Power Rangers Mystic Dreamers

Egypt Desert Rangers

Vampirita. New evil villainess in Grumm's new army (joins after his supposed defeat at SPD's hands).

Power Rangers Zeo Force

Villains from an old fic of mine (first two are foot-soldiers, third one is female leader)

White Ranger for RedRanger2003 on RB

team for HigherBeing on RB

Power Rangers Dino Royale

Evil Omega Ranger, Jack as Red Omega Ranger

MMNR new ninjetti forms

Space Ninjetti forms

LG Ninjetti forms

WF Ninjetti forms

DT Ninjetti forms

MMPR Ninjetti forms

What happens if Time Force, Wild Force and S.P.D. combine powers ? This does. Power Rangers: Time Beast Delta.

Picture for RedRanger2003 from RB

 Team for QuantumDude from PRE

Zeo Rangers in Ninjetti form (if they had one)

Power Rangers Time Patrol Delta

Quantum S.P.D. Ranger

Garadauna (Ga-ra-da-yuna). Daughter of Goldar and an unknown human female.

Ancient Guardians Ranger forms 2

The last three Zeo Rangers with helmet modeled after their zord.

Arctic Rangers. From the left: Red Falcon, Yellow Leopard, White Polar Bear, Green Gorilla, Blue Hammerhead Shark, Black Tiger, Shadow Mammoth, Purple Dolphin.

Transwarp Ranger. Based on Transwarp megazord.

Phantom S.P.D. Ranger

S.P.D. A-squad (thanks to Magic Force and S.P.D. Slipstream Ranger)

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy the next generation. From the left: Red Sphinx, Blue Condor, Green Tiger, Yellow Bull, Black Shark.

New S.P.D. Ranger

C-squad with Delta Runner powers

Ancient Beast Rangers

Animus Warriors

Animus Wild Force Rangers

Beast Rage Rangers

Black Animus Warrior Armor, Red Wolf Animus Warrior

Dino Beast Rangers

Power Rangers Lunar Thunder

New Alias Field uniforms (Vaughn - Red, Dixon - Blue, Marshall - Green, Nadia - Yellow, Sydney - Pink)

New S.P.D. uniform

new S.P.D. Ranger

New Triassic Ranger

Power Rangers Ninja Police

Phantom Lost Galaxy Ranger, Phantom Lost Galaxy Ranger in Armor

A pic i did for a friend of mine on AIM. the guy's name is GreenOmegaDragon.


A new Ninjetti Warrior, Ninjetti Warrior with wings.


New Space Ranger


Ninjetti S.P.D.


Phantom Ranger in uniform and suit, Blizzard Ranger in uniform and suit.


Space Patrol Deka Rangers


Voyager Rangers


Voyager Armored forms


Power Rangers Warrior Thunder

Power Rangers Wild Space

Space Rangers (Dino breakout mode)

Power Rangers Ninja Thunder in Space

Mighty Morphin Dino Rangers, Mighty Ninja Dino Rangers

Power Rangers Dino Storm

Power Rangers Dino Force

Power Rangers Delta Patrol in Space

Dark Specter Ranger