Power Rangers Time Delta Force

Another version of Green Power Ranger and White Power Ranger

White Wind Ranger, Thunder Strato Armor (Powerup of the S.P.D. Thunder Ranger), S.P.D. Thunder Ranger, Shadow Ranger repainted Gold, Quantum Purple S.P.D. Ranger, Onyx Patrol Ranger.

Power Rangers Lightning Surge Elite. A new set of Rangers to assist Power Rangers Lightning Surge.

Jack and Sky with switched positions.

Masked Rider without helmet

Evil Power Rangers Space Squadron

Power Rangers Space Squadron

Black Beast Star Ranger, power up of Red Beast Star Ranger.

Power Rangers Beast Star. A combination of Liveman and Dairanger.

S.P.D. uniformed. From the left: S.P.D. Thunder Ranger, S.P.D. Omega Ranger

Karone (based on this picture), Purple Space Ranger

Delisha Ennivel. Based on this picture.

Robbie Garren. He held the power of the Thunderkid, Red Lighting Surge, and Black Throttle Rangers.

Whose Line Rangers. Based off the show Whose Line Is It Anyway. From the left: Red WL Ranger (Ryan Stiles), Blue WL Ranger (Colin Mochrie), Green WL Ranger (Wayne Brady), Yellow WL Ranger (Greg Proops), Silver WL Ranger (Drew Carey).

Crow Ranger, Black Lightspeed Rescue Ranger, White Lightspeed Rescue Ranger, Mooncast Ninja Ranger, Golden Wolf Ranger.

Lost Power Rangers Mystic Thunder. From the left: White Eagle Ranger, Black Ox Ranger, Cream Lion Ranger, Green Insect Ranger, Silver Insect Ranger, Golden Stallion Ranger.

Power Rangers Full Throttle Gold Mode

Eagle Delta Ranger, Black Delta Ranger, Silver Delta Ranger, Purple Delta Ranger, Gold Delta Ranger, Dark Shadow Ranger (Based on this picture)

The Silver Cyber Ranger. This would be if Cyber Cam became a Power Ranger.

Blood Killer Ranger, White Time Force Ranger, Super Dino Ranger, White Triassic Ranger, Black Ancient Ranger, Thunderkid Ranger alternate version.

Lighting Shogun. A legendary ninja warrior, which uses the powers of the Wolf, Dragon, and Condor to fight evil. His helmet style deplicts on which power he uses.

Yokato Sentai Soulranger

White S.P.D. Ranger with Battlizer.

Lost Space Rangers. From the left: Gold Space Ranger, Titanium Space Ranger, Crimson Space Ranger, Navy Space Ranger, Cobalt Space Ranger, Delta Space Ranger.

Max Solar Ranger. Ranger who can control Max Solarzord.

White, black, green Triptoids. The green one was from the DinoThunder toyline. Based on this picture.

Green Power Ranger from episode Fightning Spirit. Based on this picture.

Titanium Cyborg Ranger

Power Ranger Mystic Posers, a comedic version of Power Rangers Mystic Thunder, made by a group of fans.

Lost Turbo Rangers. From the left: Gold Turbo Ranger, Silver Turbo Ranger.

Pink Dino Thunder Ranger based on fanfiction where Kimberly becomes Dino Thunder Ranger.

Link from The Legend Of Zelda series and his color mofifications. Based on this picture.

Alternate Power Rangers Ninja Storm from RPG

Danny Phantom. Based on this picture.