Special Police Dekarail. From the left: DekaAttacker, DekaBattler, DekaCharger, DekaDefender, DekaEnforcer.



Jack with battlizer styled after Omega Ranger's morpher. Based on this picture.

Heavy Metal Rangers: remade version. Done fro Scotty Rave

Red History Stage Ranger with Phantom Bard armor, White Mime. The seventh and final member of the Stage Rangers

Ohmi of Wells corp. (enemy of the Power Rangers Ocean Fleet) envisions herself as the Grand Ranger with the power of the Electric Eel.

Juu Sentai Phylum V. The AU Good versions of the Phylox (enemies of the Monster Sentai Horror Ranger) generals. From left: Green Reptile (Hirokazu), Bronze Chimp (Goril), Purple Cat (Leopa), Blue Shark (Hammer).

S.P.D. R.I.C. Ranger, Sydney as S.P.D. R.I.C. Ranger, Umeko as DekaMurphy.

Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers. From the left: Black Introspective, Red Chaos Mohawk, Green Chronic Stoner, Yellow Weeping Tears, Pink Bleeding Heart, Blue Apahty. http://www.emorangers.com/ Based on this picture.

Fiend Sentai Terror Ranger - the Alternate Universe version of the Monster Sentai Horror Ranger. Led by the Black Demon. From left: Red Sasquatch, Red Sasquatch (with Yeti Blizzard Power), Yellow Chupacabra, Blue Ness, White Skeleton, Gold Exmoor. Appeared in Monster Sentai Horror Ranger: Flight of the Black Demon.

Gilded Knight of Antioch (Merlin) - appeared in Knight Rangers: The movie.

Spirit Rangers Reversed. From the left: Morphed, Battle mode, Helmetless.

Rangers of the Stage helmetless. From the left: William Spear III, Jerry Maher, Michael Cates, Joanna Garland, Renee Lake, Kyle Copperfield.

Power Rangers Ancient Warriors helmetless. From the left: Leon Crichton, Grant Ulysses, Adrianna Jameson, James Dawson, Rebecca "Becky" Troy, Jeanette Li (succesor to Dulcea).

Fire Sentai Islandranger helmetless. From the left: Tyson Jones, Ian Delfino, Roy Connery, Lara Jadington, Shii, Heidik.

Shane as Red Alien Ranger from ZeoMew2Too's "Forever Red Fiver"

Proposed Sixth Stage Ranger: Green Magician

Red Island Ranger in Quetzal Armor

Ankylo, Cephala, Dimetro, Para, Carno, and Chasmo Dino Thunder Rangers Battlized.

Heavy Metal Rangers. From the left: Pinnacle Red, Pinnacle Blue, Pinnacle Yellow, Pinnacle Pink, Pinnacle Jade, Pinnacle Dusk.

Rangers of the Stage. From the left: Red History, Blue Comedy, Black Drama, Yellow Musician, Pink Dancer.