Ninjetti form

Bloodline Ninjetti

Evil Bloodline Rangers

The Ninjetti RPG team of RangerTalk. I have based them on the recommended colours of my favourite RPG Players there.

A request from dino master on Ranger Talk

What if Trent was the Evil Black Ranger?

A request from RangerTalk

Black Tiger Ranger

White Samurai Ranger,for my upcoming RPG

A navy and Power Rangers mixture, requested on RangerTalk

A military and Power Rangers mixture, requested on RangerTalk

Me as Uranium Ranger. From the left: Unmorphed forms, helmetless, visorless, morphed, ninja outfit and Uranium Armour.

Aqua Dimetro Ranger

SCTV Network

Request from RangerTalk

Power Rangers Cyber Element

Gold Aquitar Ranger

S.P.D. Green, Bridge, with Green Power Ranger's Shield

Power Rangers Ancient Elements

Bird Rangers

Possibilities for S.P.D. Zero

Shadow Ranger in SWAT Mode

Green Samurai Ranger with Gold Zeo Ranger's Shield

Shadow Ranger with Zeo Shield

Red Omega Ranger

Power Rangers Limeo Force

Shadow Ranger with Green Power Ranger's shield

White Shadow Tiger Ranger

Titanium Stego Ranger

White Quantum Ranger

White Zeo Ranger

Power Rangers Starlight Defenders

What if Tommy had passed his Shield to all the Rangers? Based on this picture.

From the left: My brother (Red), his friend (Blue), me (Grey) and my girlfriend (Pink).

Request from RangerTalk