Evil Big One, Scooby Doo in Space, Gray Amazo, Gold Amazo

Stephen Whitfield as Red S.P.D. Ranger with his Mega Battle armor, Mr. Heyes as Battle Japan with his Mega Battle armor

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in shadow. Based on this picture.

Power Rangers Magi Max Force

Carnage. Based on this picture.

Jen as leader of Power Rangers Time Force and Red Ranger. Based on this picture.

Skug Rangers

Turbo Rainbow Ranger, Space Rainbow Ranger, Lost Galaxy Rainbow Ranger

Mode 3

Mode 2

Mode 1

Brown Devil Ranger, Orange Devil Ranger

Dark Purple Space Ranger, Dark Green Space Ranger

Visorless Shadow Ranger, Omega Ranger, Heptagon Ranger

Scarecrow. Based on this picture.

Purple Devil Ranger

Red Space Officer Ranger

Cousin Elmo

Cousin Bigbird, Cousin Grover, Cousin Oscar

Supersentai team up. From the left: Go Yellow, Red Hawk, Big One, Ginga Blue, Megapink in movie outfits.

Cpt. Mitchell becoming Darth Vader, Darth Vader becoming cpt. Mitchell, Darth Vader (based on this picture).

The Hulk (based on this picture), Gray Hulk (based on this picture).

Blade Rangers. From the left: Blue Blade Ranger, Green Blade Ranger, Red Blade Ranger, Yellow Blade Ranger, White Blade Ranger, Pink Blade Ranger.

White S.P.D. officer, Wild Rainbow Ranger 5, Wild Rainbow Ranger 6

Rainbow Ranger, Mr. Heyes as Battle Japan, Rainbow Power Ranger, Wild Rainbow Ranger 2, Wild Rainbow Ranger 3, Wild Rainbow Ranger 4

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy becoming Ghost Riders.

Leo becoming Ghost Rider, Gordon Whitfield becoming Red Phoenix, Princess Shayla becoming Asajj Ventress

Power Rangers Lightspeed S.P.D. from the left: Blue Lightspeed S.P.D. Ranger, Pink Lightspeed S.P.D. Ranger, Titanium Lightspeed S.P.D. Ranger, Yellow Lightspeed S.P.D. Ranger, Red Lightspeed S.P.D. Ranger, Green Lightspeed S.P.D. Ranger.

Wild Rainbow Ranger, Colour unmorphed Ranger, Triassic Lightspeed Ranger, Stephen Whitfield as Red S.P.D. Ranger, Shark Galaxy Ranger, Evil Red Galaxy Ranger.

Power Rangers Zero S.P.D.

Power Rangers Devil